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Is Summer School Really Necessary?

According to the Post, many students who don’t have to go to summer school are attending anyway in order to get ahead in their academic program.

Our overly large school district is spending a lot of money this summer to enroll a large number of students for five or six weeks of extra classes.

They like to tell us that just our summer program becomes the fifth or sixth largest system in the state. Like that’s an achievement.

However, despite the students profiled in the article, most of the kids enrolled are repeating work they failed to complete during the regular school year.

It makes me wonder if the whole concept of summer school should be dumped.

It would make more sense to drop the long summer break and run school year-round. And provide remedial help for students who need it as part of the regular program when it’s most effective.

Year-round schools cost more but I’d bet most of the extra expense around here would be made up by not having to assemble and run a whole new school district for just a few weeks.

Not to mention the money, time, and effort spent on shutting down the whole system in June and starting it up again in August.

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  1. ~Tim

    In my district, they have shortened summer school to four weeks. If it were up to me, summer school WOULD be dumped. Obviously, it’s not up to me….

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