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ISTE Quick Thoughts: Overcoming the Fear

So, on the first full day of ISTE the convention center is swarming with educators looking for the next big thing.

I don’t know if this qualifies but one of my goals at this conference is to gather as many ideas as possible around the idea of kids bringing their own devices to school and, more importantly, how to help teachers learn to make effective use of them. The rather large discussion we had around that subject at EduBloggerCon was an excellent start because it was largely very positive.

So much of what I read and hear on this topic is centered not on “let’s explore the possibilities” but on the fear of “what if the kids do something wrong?”. It was great to hear from schools that are actually making it work.

Someone in the EBC conversation said that in five years we’ll look back and wonder what the fuss was all about. I hope it comes faster but we do have a lot of fear to overcome in the meantime.


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  1. We have had some students bring iPod Touches and have allowed them to access our guest network. Nothing earth shattering happened. :-) Except we had more technology in the hands of students…

    Am curious what kind of feedback do you get from your IT department when you discuss BYOD…?

    Like always, I’m enjoying your ISTE thoughts and reflections….


  2. Jamie B.


    We are headed in the BYOD direction as well. Biggest challenges right now are authenticating different devices to our network and getting everyone’s phone to be able to print.

    Part of the trade off in flexibility is that each individual must become more responsible and resilient with their device. I think we will eventually say something like, you can use any device you like but if you stay within the devices that 90% of the world uses, you’ll get a bit more support.

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