When we first moved to the Washington area, Joe Gibbs was the coach of the Redskins and tickets to the games were impossible for mere mortals to obtain.

You had to inherit seats from someone’s will and the waiting list for season tickets was decades long.

This week I received an offer to receive free passes to a game with the Cowboys (the team that beat “us” on Sunday according the headline on the front page of my Monday paper) if I buy 2008 season tickets. With Joe Gibbs as coach.

I don’t know much about football – the game or the business – but I’d classify that under the heading of how the mighty have fallen.

And then there was the flyer asking me to nominate a site for a Webby, the “most coveted and important award in the online world”.

I guess simply using the internet to publicize an upcoming event honoring the “best of the web” just wasn’t working out all that well. :-)

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