It’s Possible to Get Too Simple

If the system I work for adopts this, I’m outta here. I know that many of the advocates of testing everything that moves in a school believe that teaching and learning can be reduced to a mechanical process but the rating scale Florida is planning to use is ridiculous. School administrators certainly have an obligation to let parents and other taxpayers know how their schools are doing but oversimplifying everything that goes on in a school down to a single "return on investment" number is irresponsible. Reciting the mantra "we need to run schools like a business" over and over doesn’t make it true. And at least one businessman agrees.

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  1. J.P. Laurier/Catholic School Blogger

    I’ll wager that every teacher agrees, too, Tim. I haven’t heard an idea this batty in a while. Of course, rural communities and suburbs with small numbers of special needs students will come out of this system smelling like roses, while the districts with the kids you really need to spend the bucks on will look bad…

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