So now we know who Deep Throat is. Never heard of him. But this revelation of a pivotal character in the Watergate stories of the early 70’s does bring some closure to a pretty dark part of American history. It also serves as a stark reminder of just how much things have changed in thirty years.

Considering the continuous scandal-du-jour atmosphere of what passes for news reporting today, it’s somewhat surprising that the Watergate story unfolded over almost two years and more than a hundred articles in the Post alone.

That was a time when reporters actually did research, editors expected them to support their work with facts, and owners of media companies were patient enough to let them do their jobs. Even if there was no "shocking" video.

The other part that is often overlooked was that Nixon wasn’t brought down by the burglary itself. It was the lying, deception, and cover up by him and public officials working for him. By contrast, today that behavior will get you medals, promotions, and re-election to public office.

My, how times have changed.