Lack of Intelligent Design

A writer for a paper in my home state of Arizona takes aim at the supporters of dumbing down the science curriculum and lets loose with both barrels.

This would be a good time to rent Inherit the Wind, and get ready for the latest sequel in the Monkey Wars saga.

The dates have been changed to reflect the persistence of the Darwin haters, and the arguments have been punched up with some pseudo-scientific jargon. But the goal remains the same: Dumb down science and inject somebody’s version of God into the classroom.

At risk are schoolchildren, who need a rigorous scientific education to compete in a world where knowledge is the currency of success.

Unfortunately, science has nothing to do with this argument.

The purpose, says Matzke [spokesperson for the National Center for Science Education], is "to mislead students so they don’t think evolution is accepted science."

The goal is also to sneak religion into the classroom.

Read the whole article. And, by all means, rent Inherit the Wind. The courtroom scenes between Spencer Tracy and Fredric March are cinema classics.