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Leadership in a Forest

It’s an age old question: if a leader blogs and no one comes to read, have they really lead anyone?

Or something along those lines.

Those thoughts began running around my warped little mind with the announcement that our department’s big boss will be writing a blog.

In a Blackboard course.

That requires a password to access.

And which has no RSS feed.

Not exactly the same as making no sound, but very close.


  1. Louise Maine

    Wow. Not sure what else to say.

  2. Nancy McKeand

    Why do they even bother to call them blogs?

  3. Tom

    It’s brilliant. Now he can say he blogs but without the risk of anyone reading it or of dissenting comment showing up.

    Next up, he’ll say exactly what’s on his mind—- alone, in the middle of a desert, at night, and in whispered pig latin.

  4. Bill Iverson

    Right out of Dilbert.

  5. Paula

    I thought you could search for blogs now on blackboard? Also RSS is there but don’t think it is on yet….we are so far behind! sigh.

  6. Tim

    Paula: we can now search blogs within a course in BB but there is still no way to search for blogs and/or wikis across courses. As for RSS, you’re right that it’s available but our lawyers won’t allow it to be turned on. I agree… sigh! :-)

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