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Today I’m stuck at the annual ritual in our overly-large school district known as the Leadership Conference.

This is where all of our school-based administrators and a large chunk of those of us who work in central office assemble at a local high school to spend the day being motivated for the start of the school year.

Fortunately, we don’t just have to listen to the superintendent and school board members. One of the “outside” speakers is Daniel Pink whole writing I’m very familiar with, both from Wired Magazine and in his book A Whole New Mind.

I’m certainly looking forward to hearing what he has to say, but also to seeing the response to his talk from this very traditional group.

The other is Jennifer James, who I’ve never heard of. The program describes her as “a specialist in the areas of cultural change, diversity, and marketing”. Not sure what to make of that combination.

Now, let’s find out if the filter at this school will let me send this post.


  1. Ami

    I always remember the taco salads from LC fondly on this day!!! Do they still serve them?

  2. Tim

    I miss the taco salads as well. Lunch this year was terrible.

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