Eric at Sicheii Yazhi, who teaches just a few miles down the highway from here, had a modern day communications problem. He needed to get a message to the students in his class and email just wasn’t going to cut it.

I had the email addresses of most of them and the cell numbers of a few, but I found myself wishing for their cell numbers more than their email addresses. The reason? I know that email is soo last century … most of my students only check their email every few days at most.

It turns out he got replies to none of the emails but all of the kids he texted got back to him immediately.

As a result, he went looking for services that would allow him to send text messages to groups of numbers and found a few interesting possibilities.

Although Eric is finding new ways to connect with his students outside of the classroom, he still has some of the same roadblocks, including concerns about privacy from parents, not to mention his own concerns.

Plus, as so many of them do, his school bans the use of cell phones, which rules out any use during the day.

Then there’s the matter of the few students who don’t have cell phones or text capability. However, one of his students offered a suggestion to solve that problem.

Sounds good, but I don’t have texting at the moment, so this could work out great. You tell my parents its mandatory, and I’ll have to get it. sweeeet.

Where did that come from? A comment on the blog on his class web site.

Welcome to School 2.0.

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