In another new post, Gerald Bracey takes some far too easy pokes at Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings by throwing her own words back at her.

Most of it is very familiar territory but I especially like this exchange.

In a June speech, Spellings said “I had a meeting with Thomas Friedman from the New York Times last week. And he told me the number one skill our children will need to survive in the flat world is learning to learn.” So the question is, Is she ignoring what Friedman told her or does she actually think that one-size-fits-all, prep-and-test NCLB will contribute to kids’ learning to learn (much less loving to learn)?

That phrase “learning to learn” is often repeated in discussions of American education goals – not to mention thrown into untold numbers of educational “mission” statements.

But Bracey is right that Spellings needs to explain how an incredibly flexible goal like that is going to be achieved by the mind-numbingly inflexible NCLB.

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