The Induce Act, about which I’ve ranted several times (most recently here, here and here), is dead. Or at least it’s in suspended animation for the moment. Orin Hatch, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a major supporter of this piece of crap law, has dropped consideration of the bill.

Unfortunately, shelving the legislation was not because of a sudden increase in consideration for consumers on the part of the media companies and their pet Congressmen. The problem was that the companies couldn’t come to agreement on the provisions. Which is funny since I naively believed what Schoolhouse Rock told me: Congress writes laws.

But this proposal will rise again. Consumers want the ability to use the media they buy in different ways and to exercise their fair use rights under the copyright laws. Media companies want to limit that ability so they can charge additional fees for it. Guess who has the ability to induce what they want from Congress?