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Low Cost (of Living)

Yesterday I paid more than $50 for a tank of gas for the first time. Ever.

Ok, I know there are plenty of people who arrived at that milestone (and beyond) long ago. But it was still a unique experience for me and my credit card.

I only bring up this very minor bump in the universe because I hope our school board will keep statistics like that in mind when they vote on the budget tomorrow night.

At that meeting they likely will decree that the increase in the cost of living this year is 2%.

Just like it was last year. And the year before. And the year before. And…

Apologies for being a greedy teacher.


  1. J.D. Williams

    Latrell Sprewell couldn’t afford to feed his family on 9 million a year and he choked out his “boss”. I don’t think wanting more than a 2% increase is really being greedy.

  2. Betty

    They certainly can’t claim ignorance since the cost of keeping school buses running has become such an issue due to the gas prices. Good luck!

  3. Stacey from Two Writing Teachers

    I paid over $60 last week and it’s certainly hitting me hard.

    Ah, the plight of doing what you love and living life…

  4. john hendron

    I paid over$50 this week too. Ouch.I drive about 63 miles each day to commute. Before this week, I always stopped at $40; no matter if the tank was full.

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