If you watched a solid week of the “expert” talking heads on the “news” channels, you could probably be considered a masochist.

But you would also not find a better analysis of our “war on terror” than this short essay at the Huffington Post.

The writer offers three excellent reasons why he’s not buying into the irrational fears being generated by our “leaders”, but it’s this one that I find most compelling.

The third reason why I am not afraid of the so-called Islamofascists is because I am not a coward. I don’t run away from American principles and the U.S. constitution just because we were attacked. I believe in America and what she stands for. These colors don’t run.

If we can’t beat them by being Americans, then what’s the point? Do these neo-conservative cowards believe in America at all? Do they believe in the America that respects its citizens’ rights, that treats everyone — even their prisoners — fairly, that is the shining beacon for the world? Do they believe in the America that beat the real Nazis without having to be Nazis? That beat the Stalinists without having to become like the Stalinists?

Or do they think we should torture, spy on innocent Americans, start first strike wars and violate all of the principles that made this country great? You be the judge. But I, for one, am not afraid of the boogeyman, even if the boogeyman has my name first on his list. The America I know and love can beat any real or imagined boogeyman. And we do it by having the courage of our convictions and staying true to who we are.

Read the whole thing for more logic and thought than you’ll find in that week of torture from the blabbering of the talking heads.

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