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Mars is All Wet

Or, according to NASA, it used to be. The Mars rovers have found conclusive evidence that the area in which they are poking around was covered with "liquid water" (stupid question: is there any other kind?) at one time. The scientists still have a lot of research ahead of them to explain when the water existed and why it disappeared. But just the fact that they can tell it was there at all is a big discovery.

As cool as this discovery – and the pictures sent back by the rovers – are, I’m still not sold on manned missions to the planet. We seem to be getting a lot of science for the money out of these two little golf carts. Congratulations to the folks at NASA and JPL!


  1. Annie

    > “liquid water” (stupid question: is there any other kind?)

    Um, ice? vapor? :)

  2. Tim

    I said it was a stupid question!! :-)

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