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Maybe School IS a Business After All

From an ad in the Amtrak magazine:

Make what you do even more rewarding.

Find out how the franchise that boosts academic outcomes could possibly effect your income. On average, franchise owners whose schools were open for at least two years averaged gross revenues of $1,537,567 and $407,933 in adjusted operating income.*

I am definitely in the wrong end of this business.

*Of course the asterisk following that prominently displayed statement leads to some very fine print basically saying that all of it could be nothing but BS.


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  1. tamela w. hardy

    We teach doctors, lawyers, judges but our salaries don’t begin to look that good.

  2. dave

    I have a sneaking suspicion that charter schools are pretty good money right now, if you can do the work to pull one together. All your parents care at least enough about their kids’ education to go to the trouble of putting them in your school. You can’t help but win on test score comparisons when your parents, on average, care more about their kids’ education. A lot of the expensive to educate subgroups probably self-select out of charter schools, since they don’t have developed programs for students with various disabilities.

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