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It seems I’m not the only one thinking about fear and the read-write web. Wes points to another blog entry that draws a connection between this modern trepidation and the classic concerns of teenage sex.

In his comments, Wes nails the major impediments, not only to the use of new technology tools in education, but to overall school reform.

Schools are technocratic, top-down, static institutions which generally do not value change, innovation, or creativity.

Schools need to change in basic ways, and one of those ways likely has to do with school governance. The system itself simply does not reward innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

Not only are schools not thinking out of the box, they’re trying to reinforce the walls of the box so that little new can leak in.

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  1. Miguel Guhlin

    I agree completely…this is true in ways that most people who aren’t on “the inside” know. Regretably, I no longer have the illusions I had when a teacher.

    The Organization that schools have become needs to be destroyed. And, the reason we need to do so is that the System that keeps teachers from achieving excellence is disheartening, immoral, and downright, evil. There is no need for such a system, no need for Hamiltonian power plays and too many “top” administrators perpetuate an evil system that disempowers our teachers and students.

    How long will this continue?

    I liked Borderland’s recent article on this about “fleadom.”

  2. Mr. M

    I completely agree with this post. By the way I love your blog and look forward to exploring it more in the future.
    Right now my district is on me to stop doing my kindergarten web page. Parents love it, but it is a blog and “blogging is bad” – according to my district. I have been hvery fortunate to have great support from my parents. They have kept my district at bay in locking me out of their network. My site is in full violation of outdated tech policies, policies that really need to be looked at by people that understand our changing world.

    If you feel so compeled, visit my site at:

    Thanks for your good work!

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