According to new research, man may be closer to the chimpanzee (biologically speaking) than was previously believed. And certainly much closer than supporters of “intelligent” design want you to believe.

If this theory proves correct, it will mean modern people are descended from something akin to chimp-human hybrids. That is a new idea, and it challenges the prevailing view that hybrids tend to die out.

This narrative, by a team of geneticists and biostatisticians from the Broad Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, not only casts new light on the origin of humans, but also raises questions about how all new species arise.

ID fans need to note that the people doing this research are real scientists using genuine scientific methods. Now that they have released their findings, other scientists will review and test them.

Absolutely no mystical mumbo jumbo will be involved.

evolution, science, intelligent design