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More Than a Few Reasons to Quit

First Year Teacher, who is actually finishing her third year of teaching, shares with everyone her letter of resignation.

The suggestions made to her now-former principal are specific to that one school but the larger issues, incompetent administration, poor teaching practices that are ignored, racial and religious bias, and lack of support, are likely found in far too many other places.

Beyond all that, however, her closing statement is just plain sad.

Finally, please learn to reward people when they do what you ask. All year long, all I hear is about how we need to bring test scores up. We held meeting after meeting about. However, when I did what you asked and 111 out of 112 of my students passed the EOG, you had nothing to say about it. I hate to beg for praise, but would it have killed you to tell me I did a good job or acknowledge in any way that I had done what you asked? You might keep good staff if you did that.

I wonder how many other teachers would like to resign for the same reason.

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  1. Anthony Hardwick

    When my wife got her current teaching job three years ago, I sent an email to her new principal telling her, in effect “that if you praise her good work, she will run through walls for you”. I sent the message as an experienced manager. My wife has been bringing home stories for the last three years about how Debbie (the principal) is always saying what a good job my wife is doing. It is such a little thing to do and costs nothing and she will run through walls for this woman and the school system. The district seldom has trouble hiring teachers.

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