In his comments about the Time education article, Christian over at think:lab makes some excellent points about the symbolism used by the editors in putting the issue together.

Perhaps its just me, but since we’re already 6 years into the current century, are we confusing the issue by continuing to refer to the artifice of the “21st century” when we describe the ‘future of learning’…or am I too caught up in semantics here? And why do we continue to use the one-armed desk and apple as icons for where we want education/learning to go? Have we sold our souls to the iconic shopkeepers of the past?

And why are we still trying to ‘build’ the student? May we elect, instead, to ‘unleash’ the student, to engage their deeper passions, to stop seeing it as an assembly line metaphor or a tabla rasa or a bucket to be filled????

Agreed! It’s about time to drop the 20th century concept of student as gas tank.

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