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More Visions of the Future

I was going to post some notes about Andrew Zolli’s keynote last night but it’s been very hard to summarize his ideas in a short space.

His presentation was one that deserves to be viewed in its entirety (the stream will be linked from the NECC Podcast Page when it’s available) and I will need to see it at least one more time to understand more of what he was talking about.

At the top of his talk, Zolli noted that we are all in the communications business in one way or another and towards the end he discussed the need to alter our concepts of literacy, great bookends for his message.

Certainly another of his themes was that of change, especially in the demographics (“demographers are like accountants but without the sex appeal”) of both the US and the rest of the world.

Another focused on the need to change the way we work with both information and each other, including our definitions of innovation, thinking, and what it means to be “smart”.

All good stuff. And, while Zolli’s keynote was certainly an interesting and entertaining presentation, I’m not sure he offered much that we haven’t heard before at NECC and elsewhere.

But then maybe I’ll discover more to it when I see it again. And after the conference fatigue wears off. :-)

Update 6/26: Wes Fryer live blogged the keynote panel session with Zolli on Tuesday and did a good job of capturing his ideas.

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  1. Wesley Fryer

    I’m sorry I missed the preso, but will try and catch the online video/podcast. I know we’re always looking for “new stuff” and new ideas at these sessions… I wonder if we should spend more time action planning and trying to tap into the collective imaginations of the attendees, rather than assuming that the person at the podium has the answers. There is still value in turning over older ideas, but I think I too am usually looking for new insights or perspectives. I’m finding lots more of those online in the blogosphere these days than at face-to-face conferences. There are great ideas being shared in the sessions at NECC, don’t get me wrong, but I find the issues of access and limited time/time conflicts for sessions to be real impediments. I’m so glad we have the blogosphere to use to extend the conversations!

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