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Moving Update

The process of moving the mess that is this site this weekend actually went pretty well. A couple of glitches were quickly ironed out with suggestions from whoever was working the support desk.

Except for one, that is. My email doesn’t seem to be functioning properly.

Hopefully we can get that piece up and running once the regular staff comes to work.

After all, I’m disappointing an awful lot of spammers. :-)

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  1. Jeff

    Glad the move went well-

    I like the new host already…I use google reader to read my blogs and there used to be a problem where if I tried to visit a post you’d made through google reader I’d get a permissions problem. Hitting reload made the page appear. This problem doesn’t exist any more!

    Any chance you’re coming to Portland for the OETC Instructional Technology Strategies Conference?

  2. tim

    I hadn’t done anything with Google Reader other than signup and play a little. So I had no idea that this blog didn’t work properly. The fact that it now works since the move to a new host only adds to the mystery.

    I’d love to come to Portland for ITSC, especially since one of my brothers lives there. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen.

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