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NECC Homework

Heading home, the 2007 edition of NECC is done, and now comes the hard work. Now we have to sort through all the little pieces of data and figure out how to make the good stuff work for student learning.

Our overly-large school district had 40+ people running around down in Atlanta so some of that sifting will be done in hundreds of conversations that will take place over the next couple of months and, hopefully, into the fall.

However, I’m also assigning myself some homework.

Recycle the bits about blogs and wikis from here and elsewhere into a coherent session to present four times the end of July. Fortunately, I have an over abundance of great examples to form the foundation.

Write some session proposals for next year’s conference. Best to start now while I still have lots of good ideas and inspiration running around my head. Besides, the deadline is the first part of October and there’s plenty of other things that can and will get in the way.

Figure out how to make peace with combining the openness of web 2.0 tools with the very claustrophobic Blackboard. I’ve ranted before about how our school system has locked us into using BB for all classroom-related web publishing and now for blogs and wikis using a third party plugin. Maybe this can be a way to ease our teachers into the concepts.

Twitter. I now have an account. I just need to figure out why. I saw some great examples of how this tool made NECC a better experience for some people but is this something I want to use in my day to day existence? We shall see.

Ning is another tool that comes highly recommended and that I need to dig into farther.

Finally, Chris tells me I need to fix the RSS on my blog so it sends the full feed. But that comment just reminds me that much of the site needs some serious work, both in terms of tech and content. Watch out for falling electrons.

That should be more than enough to keep me busy for the relatively slow month of July.

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  1. judy

    good luck with your homework. such a great idea!

  2. Marie Coleman

    RE: Twitter – let us know your twitter information and start adding friends , too – because it is based on community! I wasn’t in Atlanta, but learned a lot from reading the NECC twitter-mania! You also might like Twitbin to make twitter more integral in your daily life (web-based). Or you can add to your Netvibes page for regular updates. PS I’m @ colemama on twitter

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