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New Meaning For Car Crash

Sorry to go for the easy joke but I don’t want software from the Big Monopoly in my car. One reason I avoid Windows (and killed the "assistant" in Office) is that I don’t want my computer telling me what to do. Why would I want my car doing the same thing? And I don’t believe all the promises that this kind of system will help the traffic mess we have around here.


  1. Mike Arnzen

    Oh nooooo! This is crazy…where will their desire to brand everything end? Next thing you know, cars will literally have to have “drivers” installed.

    It’s interesting, though, to think about how Microsoft’s business model is really driven by an automobile industry paradigm: new versions of software comes out annually like the latest model car with it’s “operating” system running like some sort of engine that we accelerate and drive. And I bet I could keep going with examples, not only in the metaphor, but in the way the business is run.

  2. Blaine Hilton

    We should have payed more attention back when those emails were going around about Microsoft in cars…

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