A magazine for the “global community of IT managers and network administrators” who worship at the alter of the Big Monopoly of Redmond has an article in the current issue on how to deal with people who hate the company.

Just for the record, I DO NOT hate them.

I think Windows has always been buggy, bloated, unstable, unintuitive, and generally unpleasant to use. Their office suite is pretty much the same.

The media tools that come with the OS along with those sold by the company are especially poorly written, supporting only the codecs the company owns rather than open standards.

And the company’s business practices have been one of the biggest impediments to innovation in technology in the past two decades, especially instructional technology.

But I don’t hate the Big Monopoly.

Thanks to the vibrant open source movement and growing support for Mac OS X, more and more I can just ignore them.

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