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Not Very Interactive

All of the topic “lounges” here at NECC have an interactive whiteboard with a projector.

However, in the dozen or so presentations I’ve stopped to watch over the past two days, no one has been using the interactive part. It’s just a screen for the projector.

That’s not another criticism of the devices.

Just an observation from a conference full of people who are very whiteboard savvy, and where two of the big sponsors make their profits selling the devices.


  1. Fred Delventhal

    I got frustrated about the same thing. When I was up at the SL lounge I couldn’t find the pen. Without the pen the boards couldn’t conduct. I guess I really prefer the Smartboards where you can use your finger, your big toe or any pointing device to operate.

    Good seeing you at NECC

  2. Chris Lehmann

    Part of the problem is that you have to have the software running on your laptop… if you don’t, it’s just a projector.

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