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Notes on Leadership (Conference)

Once a year, our overly large school district decrees that all administrator-types and central office minions (that’s me) shall gather in one place for the Leadership Conference.

So, today I’m trapped with two or three thousand others listening to a parade of talking heads telling us how wonderful we are and how many “challenges” we have ahead.

While our schools are very good compared to others in the country, I’m not sure most of those in attendance are willing to acknowledge just how out of touch with the real world most of our classrooms are.

Fortunately, the conference this year is only one day instead of two. And most central office minions are only required to stay for the morning session (unfortunately, that’s NOT me).

But, at least the wireless is working well. Oh, and this year, we also get a t-shirt.

If I had access to the “district all” mail list I’d love to try an experiment. Send a message marked urgent to the list and watch as a whole auditorium of people jump when their Blackberries fire off.


  1. Ben McFerren


    We started a free site called teachade for teachers and I was wondering if you’d take a look to see what you think. Basically we’re looking to build a community of teachers to support each other through professional development and resource exchange. We’re looking for your input and suggestions on how to improve the site. Hope to see you join us and participate.




  2. Andrew Pass

    Thanks for the chuckle with your final idea. It sounds like you need a chuckle today, as well. Sorry I don’t have anythink brilliantly funny to say.


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