One Step Back From Paranoia

From this morning’s Post, evidence that exercising the right to petition the government for redress of grievances (most people forget it’s part of the First Amendment) sometimes pays off.

Following a rash of reports from people who had been harassed by security at Union Station, a landmark federal property in the District of Columbia, for simply taking photographs, a Congressional committee told managers of the facility to cut it out.

Yesterday, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) convened a congressional hearing that spotlighted complaints from area photographers who say they have been repeatedly barred by security personnel from taking pictures in the building. Norton expressed outrage, saying that photos should be allowed unless it can be shown that the pictures are a security threat.

At least 10 photographers from a local group called DC Photo Rights have been stopped by security personnel while taking pictures in the past year, members told Norton. The group defends the rights of photographers to take pictures in public places and has described Union Station as one of the most troublesome spots.

As you might expect, members of DC Photo Rights posted pictures from the hearing in flickr and the local Fox station that documented some of the stupidity also covered the proceedings.

One small step…

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