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Another idea Marc Prensky tossed out in his keynote was one of open cell phone tests.

According to one student Marc interviewed, he and his friends were already taking open cell phone tests. Without the knowledge of their teacher, of course.

But let’s take that concept a little farther.

Earlier in the opening session we heard from someone from our state department of education who talked about moving our standardized tests online. He congratulated us for helping to make possible over a million of these exams in the previous year.

If students are going to be taking their tests online, what about open-web tests?

It doesn’t make sense to ask students fact retrieval questions if those facts are just a short search away.

This would be a great opportunity to test all those information literacy skills we’ve been teaching by asking questions which call for students to not only find but validate and use information.

Well, it will be once we actually start teaching information literacy.

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  1. Miguel Guhlin

    So, do you have a handy example of an info-literate question rather than fact retrieval that is dependent on open web?

  2. tim

    Ok, it’s put up or shut up. :-)

    Pick a major city in the United States and briefly explain some of the factors that influenced a large number of people to settle in that location. List your sources of information.

    The language of the question would have to vary depending on the age of the student, of course.

    However, I think an open web exam with just a few questions like this would provide far more information about student learning than any multiple choice test we give today.

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