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Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

The state of Victoria, Australia is blocking access to YouTube in its 1600 schools.

But it’s not because of the language or nudity in some videos. Administrators say this is part of an effort to stop cyber bullying.

I understand that some kids are creating videos of themselves assaulting other students (and worse) and posting them online.

However, I wonder how blocking this particular tool will help. At least one of administrator involved agrees that this move is not a simple solution to the problem.

Secondary Schools Principals Association president Brian Burgess welcomed the move, but said reducing cyber bullying was not just a matter for schools; parents had to work with schools to tackle the practice.

“If we thought that cyber bullying was going to stop just simply by banning YouTube, then we are living in fantasy land,” he said. “If this was the only thing that was done then it would be a token gesture and it would be a waste of time.”

Starting from very early in life parents, later joined by teachers and others, try to help kids understand how they should behave in the civilized society that is supposed to be our real world.

For our students, that world now includes a very real online presence. We need to be teaching them how to live there as well.

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  1. Kimberly

    If the kids are filming and uploading these videos at school – the schools have a much bigger problem than YouTube.

    If they are doing it at home, how is blocking YouTube going to change that?

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