I find this rather bizarre. The official campaign site for W and Darth Cheney is being blocked outside the US. The Register notes in an update, however, that the blocking effort is rather amateurish since alternative versions of the URL and the IP address itself still work from overseas. (The Register also speculates on reasons for the decision.)

You gotta wonder what they’re trying to hide from the rest of the world. But I guess we certainly can’t have France eavesdropping! It also means that soldiers in Iraq can’t see what their commander in chief is saying about the war they’re fighting. Reading this strange piece of news also caused my warped little mind to recall the stories of efforts by China, Iran and other countries to block specific web sites that might give their citizens other ideas. I wonder if this is what W meant by “internets”… one for them and one for us.

Just ignore my ramblings. I’m less coherent than normal today. :-)