One thing that all schools and school systems seem to have in common is that they write broad mission statements and long lists of lofty goals.

Creating those targets for our overly-large school district is something the school board is now working on. And as you might expect, they are asking for the community’s input on their draft list of goals.

Considering how broadly the items on the list are written, everyone should find something to like. Take this little item for example:

All students will effectively use technology across all disciplines.

Sounds good to me. Just figuring out what that statement means should supply me and my colleagues with full employment for many years to come.

But that’s not the oddest goal on our proposed list. Try this one on for size.

All students will develop resilience required to deal effectively with life’s challenges.

I’m not sure I have those skills completely figured out yet – and I’d certainly like to know how to teach them to a class of Seniors.

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