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Patriotic Explosions

In Virginia, vendors are allowed to sell some kind of lower level fireworks for short period of time prior to Independence Day and on the way home this afternoon, I passed five temporary stands offering an assortment of explosives.

I really don’t get the desire to set off such things (probably my anti-American streak :-), but if that’s what you want to spend your money on, so be it.

However, what I don’t understand is why, in this age of extreme paranoia over just about any human activity that deviates from the “norm”, the government still allows people to buy any kind of stuff that goes boom.


  1. Katie Neville

    Hey, you forget, this is Virginia. We let folks carry their guns into restaurants.

  2. Tim

    And into recreation centers!

    I suppose a few sparklers really are minor compared to some of the other firepower available year round.

  3. Kimberly Herbert

    My neighbors have been setting those things off since they went on sell last week. Driving me and my dogs up the wall. I call the non-emergency line and report my neighbors setting off explosives over my house at 2 am – and the dispatcher blows me off.

  4. Diana King

    I thought that in Virginia you could buy only the stuff that burns and sparkles, not explosives. Not that you can’t do a lot of damage by setting things on fire, but the bang is minimal. Firecrackers are illegal, aren’t they? So if you’re hearing much noise, your neighbors went out of state. (As my husband did once or twice years ago)

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