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Photo Post – Fall 2023


The fall so far has been one big blur.

But I still found time to get out in the wilds of the DC area, to make some images. Here are a few of my favorites from the last couple of months, with links to far more than you probably want to see.

First, at the top, is scene from a walk through the Adams Morgan district of DC, an area I haven’t explored as much as I should. On a cool but sunny Sunday morning, lots of people were enjoying the sunshine in Meridian Park, along with plenty of dogs. More shots from our Smithsonian walking tour are here.

First Mate

Also in October, my photo buddy Kathy and I joined a Smithsonian day trip to St. Mary’s County, an area about an hour’s drive south of the District. This gentleman, playing the role of the First Mate on a replica of the Maryland Dove, is part of the cast who educate visitors at this historic and archaeological site. Many more images from the day are in this gallery.

Model House

On the St. Mary’s trip we also made a stop at Sotterley Plantation. The mansion and land have been owned by various families since the first structure was built around 1700. The foundation that currently maintains the property is dedicated to educating the public about all the people who were here, including and especially the enslaved population. Visiting was a wonderful experience.

A very short drive from my house is a gem called Huntley Meadows, a large wetlands park I don’t visit often enough. Very early on a bright, relatively warm November morning, I spend a few hours watching the birds, looking for beavers (which are very hard to find), and enjoying the fall colors with the other photographers who always come far better equipped to capture the wildlife. More of my shots are in this gallery.

Lincoln Bicycle

Finally, at the start of October I joined an organized photowalk (as much as these things are ever organized) in the area northeast of DC’s Union Station. The H Street corridor is an interesting mix of newly gentrified areas with older neighborhoods. On these walks, I mostly look for the odd and interesting, like this shiny badge from a Lincoln, attached to a very well-used bike. I’m sure there’s a story behind it. More photos from the damp morning are in this gallery.


  1. Jim Randolph

    I spent a lovely lunch break scrolling through these, thanks for sharing!

    • tim

      Thanks, Jim. Happy I was able to enhance your lunch.

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