Photo Post – Favorites of 2022

Sheep in the Meadow

Around this time in December, as an exercise of reflection on my photography, I try to assemble a small collection of my favorite shots from the past year. My gallery for 2022 is done, unless I make some really interesting images of this week’s sub-freezing weather.

These are not necessarily my best photographs. I’m a really terrible judge of my own work so I’ll leave that “best label” to someone else. Instead, these are the photos that make me smile and remember the circumstances of the day, and the ones I find most fun to show other people.

I have two rules for creating this gallery, besides that they must come from this calendar year. The total number must be under 40, and no more than two photos can be from any one day of shooting.

In this post, I’ve included five from the 2022 favorites gallery. I hope this sampler is interesting enough for you take a look at the rest.

First off, at the top is a shot from our trip to Iceland in May, a scene not usually put on a postcard. Much of the area we visited was remarkably green, like this, for a country named for ice.

Open Streets

One of the great things about living near a big city like DC is that something is always happening, good, bad, or otherwise. Wandering around on a June day, I happened across a street fair that was organized to encourage city to implementation of more pedestrian-friendly policies.

Just Waiting

This sleepy pooch was just waiting for his/her master to finish setting up a flower stand in the City Center area of downtown DC. In March, foot traffic were just starting to return to areas of the city where vendors worked, although it still has a long way to go to be “normal” again.


On the same weekend we spent at Balloons Over Rockbridge, we made a side trip to the Virginia Safari Park in the Lexington area. Among the many animals roaming inside the park was this warthog, just strutting around like he owned the place.


This is my friend Margaret sketchnoting the keynote speech at the VSTE Conference earlier this month. I don’t have nearly the artistic talent she does, so I’ll stick to taking pictures of those who do.

Thanks for visiting this site and I hope 2023 is a great year for you, full of memorable images.

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