Photo Post – VSTE 2022

Hands On

As mention in previous posts, I recently spent four days running around a convention center in Virginia Beach helping to make the annual conference of the Virginia Society for Technology in Education happen.

This was our first big meeting in three years that felt anything close to normal, after a fully virtual conference in 2020 and a rather strange hybrid event in 2021.

And, while running around the center performing my regular duties, I made a lot of photos. A few of them are on this page, with the rest in this gallery.

The photo at the top is from the Innovation Station area of the conference. In these sessions, held in the hallway of the center, we encourage hands-on, interactive presentations that target new uses for technology in instruction. They’re also lots of fun.

VR and AR in the classroom was a popular topic. Compared to the large rigs presenters brought to conferences just a few years ago, this one was pretty compact. A headset is still required.

Ken Shelton

Our keynote speaker, Ken Shelton, did more than just give one presentation to a large audience. His weekend included doing a leadership session for our Board of Directors. We love having our guests as a full part of the community.

Lunch For The Kids

On our first day, we spotlight poster sessions by students who show off projects and other work they’re doing at their schools. We also feed them well.

Silent Disco

Several years ago, we first brought in a silent disco for our featured social event and I was pretty skeptical. It was a big hit and even a party-pooper like me was hooked. This photo was from early in the evening. It got much more crowded as the night went on.

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