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Pistol Packin’ School

You would think the decision of whether to allow people to carry guns in schools and universities would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, a majority of the people running the state of Utah are also no-brainers. In that state it is perfectly legal to carry a gun into a school, college or church. The Republican nominee for Governor (which in Utah is pretty much the same as being elected) doesn’t agree but also doesn’t see changing the law as a priority. However, he does believe that local districts should make the decision instead of the state legislature. At least that change would allow some school systems to prevent their school marms from bringing guns into the classroom.


  1. Ripper

    What’s your plan for stopping a bomb belted jihadi from killing your favorite class without a gun?

    Hogan’s alley test results for spitwads; negative.

  2. Tim

    Again, huh!??

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