With the interview of Richard Clarke on 60 Minutes last night and the subsequent ranting from both sides going on today, we’re into another endless round of political "Don’t blame me, blame <fill in your favorite target>." W and friends, of course, say the Clinton administration caused everything up to and including the crab grass on the White House lawn. Democrats hold the Republicans accountable for everything bad that’s happened since the minute W said "…so help me God" on Inauguration Day.

The all-talking-heads channels must think people love this stuff because it’s all they feature on their "news" programs. But how about taking some responsibility for some real journalism and start asking the national "leaders" of all stripes not what happened but what they plan to do about it? From the economy to terrorism to medical care to education to getting us out of the mess we created in Iraq we have a crap load of problems in this country. Understanding history is part of the mix but wallowing in the past is a colossal waste. Somewhere along the line we as a country need to start building a common future and I want these so-called "journalists" to start asking the politicians how they plan to do that.