Planning Not Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are worthless. At least they are for me.

When it comes to vows to enact life-changing alterations starting today, I almost always overpromise and underdeliver.

I’m probably not alone.

One thing I’ve learned during my time in the world is that real change does not happen on a schedule. It only comes once you recognize the need for improvement, and seriously commit to the process of making it happen.

I certainly have room for that kind of improvement but, instead of piling everything into once-a-year resolutions, I make plans. For the next few months, the whole year, beyond 2024.

What’s the difference? Plans usually require a larger commitment than most New Year resolutions. Things like deposits, reservations, reserving dates on the calendar, and other semi-permanent arrangements.

Which isn’t to say everything is fixed in stone. Continuously making plans means that things absolutely will change. Like the photo trip to Costa Rica I have planned for October, which has already been moved twice over the past three years. Life gets in the way and you gotta be flexible.

However, my on-going planning extends to more than travel. There’s also some of those seriously-in-need-of-improvement things in the works. All of the trips will get documented in this space, along with some of that other stuff.

Anyway, no matter how you address the changes needed in your life, I hope your plans for this year and beyond are, for the most part, successful.

And that you are open and prepared to make alterations when they’re not.

The photo, taken during a walk through a DC neighborhood, shows either an art installation, or the efforts of someone who really, really, REALLY wants you to have a good view of the intersection. Now that’s planning.

2 Comments Planning Not Resolutions

  1. Doug Johnson

    A great benefit of planning is the anticipation derived from it. My life is made happier when I have events/trips/projects to look forward to. Like you, resolutions don’t really cut it for me. Happy resolution-free New Year!


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