Just before going to NECC back in June I bought my first digital camera as an end-of-the-school-year gift for me (don’t tell me some of you don’t celebrate the same way! :-). This isn’t the first digital camera I’ve used – just the first I’ve owned.

My experience with digital photography goes back to a QuickTake 100 that belonged to one of my schools and I’ve worked with a variety of other models since. But I never bought one for myself. It wasn’t that I was particularly wedded to film. I didn’t make the move to digital because none of the models I could afford offered the same control and flexibility of my trusty old Minolta SLR.

In the past year, however, digital SLRs have dropped in price from outrageous to merely expensive. So this spring, me and the credit card company sprung for a Canon Digital Rebel XT.

I love it! The camera more than lives up to the reviews. But it’s also a little more complicated than the analog camera. So, yesterday I spent the morning on a Washington Photo Safari learning how to use some of the features as well as refreshing my memory on taking good pictures.

Here are a few of the better results from my lesson at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian. The rest of the ones I’m willing to share are here.

Now I need to spend some time learning Flickr.