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Plenty of Job Openings

As school gets ready to open for another year, we get our annual report on just how many teachers are leaving the profession. According to the National Center for Education Information, 40% of public school teachers will be gone within five years. That number rises to 50% for high school teachers.

While the primary reason for the high numbers is retirement, the president of the Center seems to think these statisics are not all that bad.

"We’re going to have tremendous turnover, but I happen to think it’s a tremendous opportunity rather than a hand-wringing time," she told The Associated Press.

"We’ll have 40 percent of the teaching force replaced by midcareer switchers and people with life experience, people with altruistic motives for coming into teaching," Ms. Feistritzer said.

Maybe. But unless school districts begin providing solid mentoring support and ongoing teacher training programs, studies show that many of these "people with life experience" will also exit the classroom within five years. Out of frustration, not retirement.

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  1. Mark Scardiglia

    I wonder if these attrition statistics count people who leave
    the classroom, but move into other jobs in the school system…

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