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Political Web Design

Some psychologist somewhere probably has written a paper about how the design and color choices a person uses on their web site reflects their personality.

But the site of just about every politician running for anything features the same friendly, patriotic, red, white and blue (lots of blue for some reason) motif with plenty of flag symbolism in sight.

So, what can then be said about John McCain? The site for his presidential “exploratory committee” is styled in shades of black and gray with a very industrial look. The only flag is hinted at in a faded watermark at the top of the page.

Just an observation about web design, not a political statement.

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  1. Andrew Pass

    I think you’re touching on a new field of study here. Who know maybe before too long somebody will endow a chair at Harvard to study these specific questions? Where would the chair belong in the Kennedy school or psychology department? Maybe it could even be a joint appointmnet?

    Have a great day.

    Andrew Pass

  2. Miguel Guhlin

    He’s trying for the, “America is in mourning over what has been lost…black is appropriate because we shouldn’t be flag-waving when Americans are dying. We shouldn’t be flag-waving and making fun speeches when “government has changed us.””


    I’m voting Democrat anyways. Voting it until they lose their mandate.


  3. Andy

    I think it depends on how qualifed their chosen website designer is and how much user phycology they put into place in the website. If they have used a website designer that just put any colour up there then it cant define anything about the person in question.

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