One consequence of being located in the DC area is that our overly-large school district occasionally gets in bed with some large companies for various projects.

We are currently in one with Northrup Grumman that has nothing to do with their core business of building stuff that blows up or causes other things to blow up.

The fact the company is our partner doesn’t bother me. However, it appears that our joint project has adopted their corporate motto, Defining the Future, and I have two problems with that.

First, they use that tag phrase in their television ads, usually following a stentorian announcer telling us how their equipment will be more effective at “neutralizing” and other euphemisms for destruction. As I’ve noted before, that’s not the future I want to live in.

The other part, both funny and somewhat scary, is that Northrup is helping us build a web portal. I think of portals as a relic from the Web 1.0/dot com error era of the previous century.

I’ll stop now before I get myself in any more trouble. :-)

northrup grumman, portal, web 1.0