Practicing For Perfection

Tom is concerned that he might be repeating himself, “writing exactly the same posts over and over”.

As I approach my sixth anniversary of blogging and almost 3000 rants (can that be right?), I’ve also had the same thoughts.

But I’ve also given up worrying about it.

Just consider each of those repeated posts as one more draft on the way to the perfect essay.

2 Comments Practicing For Perfection

  1. teacherninja

    Sure, consider it a draft. Anyway, who knows if it was read the first time? I think a certain amount of “recycling” should be ok–it’s your blog for crying out loud.

  2. Dave

    As a reader/subscriber, I say don’t fix what isn’t broken. :)

    Really, I subscribe to…lots of blogs, and that does any balancing that needs to be done. You post a lot of technology issues, and I like that because you point out noteworthy news and give interesting and insightful comments. I’ve got other blogs that talk more about classroom teaching, about administration, web dev, etc.

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