Protesting Education

More than 20 thousand people gathered yesterday in central Paris to challenge cuts in education programs proposed by the French government. Teachers are also planning a nationwide strike on Thursday.

I have no idea which side is right in this dispute. But can you imagine even half that many showing up anywhere in the US to complain about anything to do with education?

I can’t.

5 Comments Protesting Education

  1. Jim Gates

    I can’t either – unless the proposed cuts were in the sports programs. And probably just the BOYS sports programs.

    Sad but most likely true.

  2. Dave

    Negative opinion of NCLB and current standardized tests is universal, and I’ve only heard of two teachers who refused to give their state’s test this year. I guess we just don’t stand up for stuff?

  3. Betty

    No, it’s sad that people in the US don’t get more involved. A recent vote in our district to build new schools and update older ones barely passed. I wondered why more teachers and parents didn’t go to the polls.

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