A group of elementary students being coached by Anne Davis compiled a list of questions about the art and science of blogging to ask students in another teacher’s class.

Anne loved the questions so much, she’s sharing them. A few of my favorites are:

2. How does blogging help you as a writer? As a reader? As a publisher?
6. Has anyone given you tips about blogging? What would be the 3 most important tips you would give?
14. What are some verbs you would use to describe blogging? Some adjectives?
16. How do you feel when you get comments?
24. Is blogging a part of your life?

It’s a long, excellent list of things every blogger, student or not, should ask themselves every so often.

If you have a few minutes, drop by, answer one or two of the questions and give the kids some good feedback. [I did #6]

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