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Saddam’s Capture

Does anyone think this event will really make that much difference? Other than the paid talking heads, of course. I’d like to think it will, but the reality is that there are an awful lot of people around the world that hate us. And they aren’t being lead by one dictatorial leader. More like dozens and dozens of little wannabes. I think we need a little perspective on the matter. Maybe Jon Stewart and the rest of The Daily Show crew will make some sense of all this tomorrow night.

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  1. ms. frizzle

    I agree… they are talking as though the reason some people in Iraq are still resisting US occupation is because of lingering loyalty to Saddam, a sense that the war is not over yet… and now that we have captured him, they will realize that they lost and will give up. But I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason behind the various attacks. I don’t think terrorism operates the way many countries do, where the capture/death of the leader is essentially the end of the country… terrorism is much more “grass-roots” than that, and new leaders will emerge (or already have).

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