Score One For Real Science

Speaking of Texas, at least there was some good education news happening there this week. The Texas State Board of Education yesterday approved new high school biology books that fully discuss the topic of evolution. In doing so they rejected an effort led by the Discovery Institute (not related to Discovery Networks) and others who wanted publishers to include the "scientific weaknesses of evolutionary theory" in their books.

The people from this "institute" claim that their concept of "intellegent design", which they want presented as an alternate theory in science classes, is not religious in nature. However, as soon as you claim that "that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause" as they do on their web site, you must then discuss who or what is that intellegence. That is a discussion to be held in the house of worship of your choice, not a science classroom.

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  1. bob

    your spots are showing.

    Intelligent design is not religious.

    Religious thought says God made everything. We have a record of that. Some believe it some dont.

    Evolution says everything just happened. We have the results of that but not explanation of how and why.

    Intelligent design looks at the flaws in the evolution THEORY and decideds it couldnt happen by accident but don’t give creditability to God. Perhaps martians, ET, or other intelligent beings did it, but there was thought in creating it, not just an accident.

    In this time of “Tolerance” you have to respect any viewpoint, especially when none of them can be empirically proven.

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