Screaming At The Crowd

In his keynote address to a technology conference this week Chris is supposed to talk about all the wonderful things going on in his school, the Science Leadership Academy.

Before that, however, he has quite a few other things he would like to tell the people in that audience.

I want to scream at these folks… I want to shake them up. I want to tell them that we have to stop thinking that business has any idea what schools need to be. I want to tell them that our reliance on test scores will kill innovation and creativity. I want to tell them that every time I go to the exhibit floor at a conference and see more tools for monitoring, accountability and security than I see tools for creativity, creation and collaboration, I see us move one more step away from the dream of what I believe our schools can be.

I want to tell them that the Who had it right. The Kids Are Alright. It’s the adults that keep screwing up.

Everything in his rant is spot on. And there are many other audiences who need to hear the same thing!