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Setting the Rules

On the first day of school, many teachers post the class rules on the walls of their room.

When you decide to rewrite them, you may want to take a few ideas from this set posted by the Art Department at Immaculate Heart College.

Rule 2 – General duties of a student: Pull everything out of your teacher, pull everything out of your fellow students.
Rule 3 – General duties of a teacher: Pull everything out of your students
Rule 5 – Be self disciplined: This means finding someone wise or smart and choosing to follow them. To be disciplined is to follow in a good way. To be self-disciplined is to follow in a better way.

And finally to close, this helpful hint: “There should be new rules next week”.

Thanks to the ever helpful Boing Boing for the link.

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  1. Crimson Wife

    I like the 1925 Collier’s magazine “Moral Code for Schoolchildren”. It’d never fly in today’s schools but IMHO that’s a huge reason why there are such problems.

    If I Want To Be a Happy, Useful Citizen I Must Have:

    Courage and Hope

    I must be brave—This means I must be brave enough and strong enough to control what I think, and what I say and what I do, and I must always be hopeful because hope is power for improvement.


    I must act wisely—In school, at home, playing, working, reading or talking, I must learn how to choose the good, and how to avoid the bad.

    Industry and Good Habits

    I must make my character strong—My character is what I am, if not in the eyes of others, then in the eyes of my own conscience. Good thoughts in my mind will keep out bad thoughts. When I am busy doing good I shall have no time to do evil. I can build my character by training myself in good habits.

    Knowledge and Usefulness

    I must make my mind strong—The better I know myself, my fellows and the world about me, the happier and more useful I shall be. I must always welcome useful knowledge in school, at home, everywhere.

    Truth and Honesty

    I must be truthful and honest—I must know what is true in order to do what is right. I must tell the truth without fear. I must be honest in all my dealings and in all my thoughts. Unless I am honest I cannot have self-respect.

    Healthfulness and Cleanliness

    I must make my body strong—My eyes, my teeth, my heart, my whole body must be healthful so that my mind can work properly. I must keep physically and morally clean.

    Helpfulness and Unselfishness

    I must use my strength to help others who need help—If I am strong I can help others, I can be kind, I can forgive those who hurt me and I can help and protect the weak, the suffering, the young and the old, and dumb animals.


    I must love—I must love God, who created not only this earth but also all men of all races, nations and creeds, who are my brothers. I must love my parents, my home, my neighbors, my country and be loyal to all these.

    Humility and Reverence

    I must know that there are always more things to learn—What I may know is small compared to what can be known. I must respect all who have more wisdom than I, and have reverence for all that is good. And I must know how and whom to obey.

    Faith and Responsibility

    I must do all these things because I am accountable to God and humanity for how I live and how I can help my fellows, and for the extent to which my fellows may trust and depend on me.

  2. Ms Cornelius

    If you pull everything out of someone, they’ll die….

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