The conference is done, the last three days are a blur, and now we play the game of waiting for the hotel parking lot to clear out. And I didn’t win a closing session door prize – AGAIN!

Both of the workshops went pretty well, although I wasn’t completely happy with the Web 2.0 session. I could blame the time of day (remind me not to let them put me at dinner time again :-) but mostly it was the pacing of the presentation that needs work. I’m not doing this workshop again until June so there’s time to do some rewriting.

Even so, the group attending was pretty good, most asking great questions and willing to share their experiences. This is the first time in a while that none of the participants brought up MySpace and I had to do it. Anytime the subject of blogs is discussed, that topic is always floating in the air.

I guess I’ll go see what the line to leave looks like.

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